New Organ Building

Detailaufnahme Werkzeuge

Hey Organ Builders create instruments in which organ design harmoniously joins together with sound and space. Tradition and innovation meet and create the symbiosis of traditional methods and techniques with modern but tried and tested science - from CPU and touch screen to acoustics research. Our precisely constructed consoles allow the artist to play emotionally and thus give him the opportunity to express the finest nuances in his music and simultaneously inspire him to let his creativity run free. To achieve all this, sound and intonation must be tailored to the acoustics in the concert hall or church.

Every new organ tells the story of her era. Regions, countries and music history set the style. An instrument created at Hey Organ Builders is therefore very versatile and has a self-contained character. The intonation of a perfect organ touches the heart of the listener and sets emotions free which the spoken word isn't able to arouse. For Hey Organ Builders, the character of each and every individual yet complex instrument stands forefront, and with every new organ built we create its own, personal sound tailored to the respective room in accordance with our motto: Tradition and innovation merge.