Vox Maris - 海洋之音

Vox Maris

Vox Maris, 海洋之音是海依家族迄今为止最得意的作品。它是为2012年韩国世博会而制作的。由于它拥有世界上最大管风琴音量138,4分贝而被吉尼斯在2011年初收录。管风琴的80根最高达10米的音管都印证了杰出的设计和制造技术。设计一架禁得住各种恶劣天气并能使声音覆盖整个园区的管风琴无疑需要最新的技术。因此海洋之音按照汽笛的原则制造并将簧片口设计成可以360度自由旋转,这样演奏家指尖下流出的宏伟旋律就能安详地飘向天际。这个装置可以产生出比传统教堂高1000倍的气压,每分钟可以压缩20,000升气体。


range: 32', A - e '' '' ''
manual: 80 keys
pedal: 32 keys
frequencies: 28 - 2640 Hz
volume: 85 - 138.4 dbA
wind pressure: 10.000 - 100.000 mmWS
power supply: 110 KW motor
construction: Vox Maris & Carrier Pipe units
length: 1,70 - 10,00 m
console: mobile & wireless
expression system: two tone wheels
keys: dynamics & velocity
connection: via android application, Wi-Fi & cable
world record: the loudest pipe organ
research & development: led by Thomas Hey


Nebenregister und Spielhilfen

II16'/I II16'/II II4'/P
II4'/I II4'/II I/P

Pressurestore for different volumes
Wheel for free pressure- and volumecontrole
Wheel for Modulation
Attack control for fast - moderate - slow keyboard response

Touchscreen with
Coupler Device:
You are free to add any note above or below the played key. For example a Septime, None or Duodezime, etc. even chords are programmable

Bass Hold Function:
Any bass note that is played can be held until the release button or another bass key is touched. This offers the possibility of simulating foot pedal play.

Echo Repeater:
This function allows the organist to record and repeat directly melodies or pentatonic scales to be able to play along with two hands. Rich soundscapes can be created!

The organ is planned for accompanying an orchestra or solo artist. The Transposer offers the opportunity of changing the pitch of the pipe organ in halftone steps up and down to fit different tunings.

Recording Device:
You are able to record your performance and repeat it at any time.