"In the beginning was the word" (Joh 1,1 LUT) is one of the oldest and purest thoughts of mankind, and defines the origins of the spoken word and melody through divine genesis. The instrument builder should bear this in mind at all times. This philosophy at Hey Organ Builders is a synonym for family tradition and the highest craftsmanship. For us, our greatest challenge lies in bringing together church and organ in harmony with each other, making best use of the available circumstances. Germany is the cradle of organ building: we set ourselves the task of spreading organ building culture, both here in Germany and internationally. Indeed the Vox Maris in Yeosu reaches an audience that has probably never experienced an organ in a church. We want to enrich people's lives with innovation, as artisans of sounds that reach the heart, that inspire the artist and the performance. Of no lesser import and of the utmost importance is the care and attention to detail that every instrument requires, so that it can continue to inspire and enthrall congregations, audiences, and our clients.