Organ building


At Hey in Urspringen, Germany, time-honoured craftsmanship skills combined with the traditional principles of classic organ building that all of our instruments are based on meets state-of-the-art research and development. It is only natural that we take advantage of all the latest advances that modern technology can deliver.

We take great pains, however, to ensure that as many aspects of traditional organ building as possible are taken into account and used both in the creation of new organs, and in the restoration of older ones, so that they deserve to carry the company name. To ensure that sound quality and variety is as high as possible we use only the finest locally obtained and sustainable precious wood types. Throughout the building process we pay an extraordinary amount of attention to the sensitivity and precision of the mechanics of the organ, to guarantee a refined and sophisticated tone.

Successful organ building requires a deep understanding of how all the separate parts become the whole, and just how they influence each other, and that is why every craftsman at Hey Orgelbau has a thorough understanding of the complete instrument.  At the same time they all specialize in their own field, whether it is pipe making, wind-chest, console, construction or voicing. It is this combination of skill and experience in all the separate disciplines joining together with an understanding of the complete concept that makes the consummation of such an instrument possible.

We set ourselves the highest standards – careful and conscientious work in the fabrication of each and every part, and the highest precision in assembly are the qualities that make the reputation of The Hey Orgelbau stand out.